July 15, 2017
21 days left
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Welcome to the Hackerotts Leadership Academy READ-A-THON

We are reading to raise funds for OUR KIDS - OUR SCHOOL - OUR COMMUNITY!!!

Our goal is to raise $7,000 by June 18th!

Martial Arts and Education go hand-in-hand.  Join us to help make this Read-a-thon a success! Our Participants are committing to 3hr of reading over a time of 2 weeks this summer.  Most kids don't see a book again until fall, we are encouraging kids to read for the summer.  Please help by pledging to support their efforts of reading at least 3hr in JUNE! 

We are raising funds to help our school, our kids, and our community!
  The funds we recieve will go towards the following:
  • New Martial Arts Mats.  We want to keep the safest, cleanest, healthiest enviroment possible.  Our current mats are over 10 years old and will need replaced soon.  Replacing these mats through this fundraiser helps us keep tuition down for all of our current and future students.
  • FREE GRACIE BULLYPROOF SUMMER CAMP.  Instead of charging for individual students for summer camp this year we are using the funds to cover our cost and opening summer camp up for FREE to 100 kids throughout the community! To learn more about Gracie BullyProof visit: www.graciekids.com
  • Scholarships. We believe Martial Arts is good for everyone and should be available to EVERYONE.  To make sure that financial burden is not a reason for someone to train we have a scholarship in place.  The fund has mostly been depleted and we wish to fill it with your contributions, so that 25 people or more may be funded for at least 6 months or more of Martial Arts training.
Register for Camp free!
Register for Camp free!
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